Why Work with Plasma

For over 25 years and through our numerous scientific innovations, NGI has built an industry‐leading plasma testing laboratory center.  We offer numerous advantages to our global customer base including:

  • Largest NAT pooling offering in the industry (512 plasma donations)
  • Exceptional turn-around times (TAT)
  • Innovative multiplex assays
  • State of the art data/e-interfacing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Experienced quality and regulatory team (nearly 300 audits from clients and regulatory authorities)
  • Medical director is board-certified in blood banking and transfusion medicine
  • Certified/State licensed, highly qualified and well-trained lab team
  • One-stop shop for comprehensive source plasma testing (NAT, VMT, Ancillary)
  • Broad customized support including full laboratory automation and LIMS solutions